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KRK product catalog 2015
  • shin guards
  • 3 eva+pc panels on the tibia
  • made of perforated, antibacterial neoprene 4mm
  • perfect, tight fit
  • fully compatible and recommended for use with knee pads KRK Pretty Nice
  • velcro closure
  • size S/M - calf 39 cm/15.4”, length 29 cm/11.4”
  • size L/XL - calf 43cm/16.9" , length 32/12.6"
price: 30.00 €



Protectors of the entire surface of the tibia and calf. 

3 EVA foam panels and plastic PC placed on chinbone protect against impact. 

The remaining part of the leg is tightly enclosed with 4mm perforated neoprene that protects against damage while pulling sweat on the outside of the material. 

The whole adheres to the leg without restricting freedom of movement

It does not cause irritation. 

Together with KRK Pretty Nice create the perfect set of barrier leg.