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KRK product catalog 2015
  • made of perforated, antibacterial neoprene thickness of 3 and 4mm
  • protector is made of 10mm EVA foam with PC panel inside protect against collisions
  • does not restrict the ankle and does not interfere in the shoe
  • large closure will remain in place to ensure
  • size S/M – shoe size till 42 EUR
  • size L/XL – shoe size over 42 EUR
price: 18.00 €



Ankle protector designed to protect against side impacts

Works best with tailwhips and other suddenly beats legs in the crank. 

Used in the protector pad EVA foam with PC panel protects ankle from bike side

Perforated neoprene over the entire surface to dreinage the moisture to the outside. 

The shape and execution does not restrict ankle and pad lets you easily use with all kinds of shoes. 

Easy in and out access and maintain on-site guarantees a large closure.