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KRK product catalog 2015
  • Ultralight helmet
  • EPS foam + softshell
  • 15 ventilation holes
  • 4-point belt with quick clamp
  • two sizes S/M (53>58cm) and L/XL (56>61cm)
  • weight S/M – 235g, L/XL – 253g
  • CE/EN1078
price: 13.00 €

Helmet -

S/M i L/XL

Ultralight helmet designed for extreme sports (MTB, BMX, Skate, rollerblade, ATB and others). 

The design is based on the proven system of EPS foam and outer softshell provides secure protection to head at the same time reducing the weight to a minimum. 

235 grams total weight of the helmet makes it one of the lightest models on the market, a little bit heavier than the beanie making a easy to try many disciplines without damaging the head. 

The use of 15 ventilation holes laid out asymmetrically provides excellent ventilation of the helmet, using during hot days continues to give great comfort. 

4-point belt with quick clamp allows for full adjustment buckles. 

Available in two sizes (S/M, L/XL), in each two sets of sponge lining for everyone to adapt it perfectly to the size and shape of the skull. 

Security certified by CE/EN1078

Helmet 2 category has discoloration, any scratches or slight deformation of the back