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KRK product catalog 2015
  • light knee protector
  • EVA foam pads
  • made of perforated neoprene
  • perfect for gravity sports
  • velcro closure
  • silicon strips inside
  • provides best protection
  • S/M - Top opening (thigh) 39-41 cm, lenght 28 cm
  • L/XL - Top opening (thigh) 42-46 cm, lenght 28 cm
price: 28.00 €

Pretty Nice


Lightweight version of knee protectors - ideal for long pants - fit and do not hamper movement while providing excellent protection. 

The front pad made ​​entirely of EVA foam pad makes protector ultra light. 

Perforated neoprene wicks away moisture and increases air circulation. 

Classic velcro closure on the bar and internal neoprene, silicone inserts keep the protector in place in all conditions. 

Check both when driving on skatepark, dirt, street use or enduro.

Adjustment to the tibia protectors KRK Asfalt guarantee convenience when using the unit that protects the entire leg.